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A true-crime docu-series exploring the stories of some of the best undercover operatives of the last 2 decades... and the difficulties they faced living a life where their mission was to befriend and betray.

The stories will be told in the first-person, by the UCs themselves. 

We have 20 undercovers lined up and willing to participate. 

Producers: Big Frankie, Christian D'Andrea, Rob D'Amico

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Big Frankie and Christian D'Andrea,

posing in Frankie's home, somewhere in America.



The operatives to be interviewed

Below are some of the undercover operatives who've signed on to the project (with some headlines from their cases, and some rough Zoom footage to give a sense of who they are) .

Big Frankie

(Big Frankie is also a producer on this series)

He's considered by many to be the most prolific undercover operative in FBI history.  One of his big cases was described by the FBI Director in New York as "perhaps the most significant and successful undercover operation in law enforcement history."  Big Frankie also infiltrated the Vegas underworld as a shady manager and fixer of fights, so that he could expose corruption in boxing at the highest levels.

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During Ari's long career as an FBI agent, he worked Group One undercover operations, the most sensitive kind.




Jay was born in Queens to a reform Jewish family that wanted him to become a doctor or a stockbroker.  But he always wanted to be a cop.  So he earned his shield in Bronx Narcotics and then got his dream posting with the NYPD’s elite Organized Crime Investigative Division.  Soon after, he became an undercover, and a make-believe Italian, and then infiltrated the Lucchese and Bonanno families.

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Rob was with the FBI, where he handled a number of high profile cases, including the Quest crisis (he told that story recently on FBI True) as well as multiple stints undercover.  For years, he lived undercover in the Miami underworld, while targeting and befriending a kingpin named Boca Bob. 

Here is the FBI True trailer...



Here are some clips from a recent zoom chat, about his undercover adventures while targeting Boca Bob...




Born in Russia and raised in the U.S., Igor realized his dream and joined the NYPD, where one of his specialties was going undercover in the world of Russian organized crime.   




Rich worked undercover on major public corruption cases for 15 years.  

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