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Inspecting the hurricane we're about to descend into

I'll go to any length to seek out American virtues and celebrate them. 

So I took a film crew into some hurricanes to capture the heroic and selfless service of an elite group of Air Force aviators.

Hurricane Hunters

Executive producer / director / creator of this documentary TV series.

Spent two years flying into hurricanes with the Air Force's 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, which gathers key pieces of weather data (from inside the eye) that allow meteorologists to predict landfall location, saving lives.

Touching the Dragon

Wrote this book about war, hell, and surviving trauma with Jimmy Hatch. Our objective with the book was to tell a story that can help save lives.

Published by Knopf (2018) and Vintage (2019). 

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Less Hell, More Angel

Shining a light on the people who engender brotherhood.

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Creating initiatives

that inspire, unite, and sometimes become lifelines.