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Harnessing the power of story to enhance branding and strategic content

 branding / marketing / engagement

We are Harvard

The class of '94 is in the fight, and

giving back, during COVID-19

Designing inspired, strategic brand names  that have the why in them
What's the one question you never want anyone asking about your brand name?  Why'd you choose that one?   The brand should have its mission, purpose, and power all embedded and encoded inside the handful of letters or words you've used to construct it.  That's why we call ourselves Brand Nayme.  Because our names have the answer to that question — the why — inside them. 

Brands are special things.  They're more than just labels.  They're an important form of modern communication.  As powerful as poems, essays, and songs.  The good ones communicate key ideas, generate engagement, and serve as touchstones for emotions like trust, loyalty, and happiness.  That's why I love creating them.  Because it involves marrying creativity to strategy.

I've written books and directed films that shine light on important subjects.  I've also used the power of story to strengthen brands and drive corporate messaging — creating brands that have generated millions in revenue and designing ampaigns that have rallied people to causes, engendered trust, boosted morale, and saved lives.

Here's what I believe: at the heart of the best companies (and brands) are stories. 

And here's my motto: Content is king.  And good content is kinger.

Words are my life

I recently wrote this book about war, hell, and surviving trauma with Jimmy Hatch. 

Published by Knopf and Vintage (2019). 

TTD panoram starred.jpg

Resurrecting Warbirds

Finding new ways to honor the legacy of WWII aviators.

GIFF clean.jpg

The Interceptors

Executive producer/director/creator of this series in development with a cable network.  

CD filming CBP guns out.jpg

Grabbing some footage during an embed

with federal drug interdiction agents

The story at the heart of SoldierFuel energy bars

- creating a businesses to solve a problem -

After discovering that civilian Army bureaucrats were pumping dangerous trans fat into Soldiers via their rations, I pioneered the movement to end trans fat in troop feeding.  My brothers and I became the Army’s R&D partner in performance nutrition, and we created the healthier (and zero trans-fat) Soldier Fuel energy bar (which is now featured in the U.S. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide and used by militaries worldwide). 

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