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Inspecting the hurricane we're about to descend into

Hurricane Hunters

Executive producer, director and creator of this documentary TV series.

Spent two hurricane seasons embedded with the Air Force's 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron.

Touching the Dragon

Wrote this book about war, hell, and healing with Jimmy Hatch. 

Published by Knopf and Vintage. 

TTD panoram starred.jpg

 As part of our social media and online campaign, I generated digital content that cross-pollinated with the book, creating short-form documentary videos like the below...

This video (above) got picked up by multiple outlets and led to follow-on engagement, like us getting invited to speak at conferences... 

CD and JH at Mapi w Mina.jpg
MAPI keynote.jpg

Thought Leadership

Gave a talk on digital content strategy, storytelling, and how to drive meaningful engagement at the 2019 AWP Symposium.

Dandrea AWP 2019 talk on digital strateg

Resurrecting Warbirds

I'm passionate about finding innovative ways to shine a light on WWII.

GIFF clean.jpg

A B-29 Story

I met a remarkable fellow who was working as a docent at the Palm Springs Air Museum, and I realized his story was just as compelling as the exhibits.  So I put him on camera, and then created a docu-short honoring him... and the legacy of WWII aviators.  I boosted it strategically, and it quickly got 128,000 views and was picked up in a Smithsonian feature.

Air and Space header.jpg
b29 text.jpg

Christian D'Andrea

Met this rock star a few days ago.  Bob survived 29 missions in a B-29 in WW2.
Sending love and respect to Bob, in honor of Memorial Day.

Managing the creative and the promotion

With this docu-short, I captured a good story, and then worked to get it picked up and covered (film festivals, PBS, USA Today).

thirteen header.jpg
USA today.jpg

The Interceptors

Executive producer/director/creator of this series that was acquired by NatGeo.  Shot and edited the sizzle reel... 

CD filming CBP guns out.jpg

Grabbing some footage during an embed

with federal drug interdiction agents

HALO: Freefall Warriors

Executive producer/creator of this Discovery Channel documentary. Embedded with the Army's Military Freefall School.


As part of launching CPG startups with my brothers, I've:

  • designed websites, like and

  • managed the social media and digital content campaigns

  • gotten us featured on the Discovery Channel show, Incredible Inventions (also co-produced the segment)

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