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A new line of divinely-inspired organic foods

Diet of the Gods



What did they eat up on Mount Olympus?

I found out.


I also found out what the Norse gods noshed in Asgard, what snacks the Shinto gods savored, and what Jesus sipped. 

Turns out, if you assemble all of these dietary traditions, it's a meal plan that's fit for... well... the gods.

And while you may not end up being able to hurl actual thunderbolts, you'll feel like you can.

      The nymphs who raised Zeus in a cave raised him 100% on goat's milk.  And Zeus is one of history’s all-time mega deities. 

      The science backs up the mythology.  The Cleveland Clinic is the #2-rated hospital in America, and one of its food gurus, Dr. Mark Hyman, explains that “the form of casein in goat’s milk (A2 casein) is not inflammatory, unlike the casein prevalent in most cow’s milk (A1 casein) that creates gut issues, allergies, eczema, and acne. Goat’s milk also has high levels of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which boost metabolism and brain function, and higher levels of vitamin A, which is good for your skin.” 

      Speaking of MCTs, multiple clinical studies have confirmed that MCTs enhance exercise performance, which helps explain why Zeus could do so many push-ups. 

DOTG goats kitchen.jpg

The drink that made Zeus Zeus

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A treasure trove of plant-based offerings

      Hades, Lord of the Underworld, offered pomegranate to the lovely goddess of grain, Persephone, knowing that if she ate it, she'd be stuck with him forever.  The fruit was so enticing (perhaps due to its stunningly beneficial nutritional profile), that she went for it.  Nutrition so good that it's worth an eternity in the Underworld?  That's a powerful testimonial.  So is the Koran, which calls the pomegranate a "gift from God."  Eating it, said Mohammed, could

Diet of the Gods pomegranate

Persephone's favorite fruit

rid you of the negative emotions of hate and envy.  And the Mayo Clinic says pomegranate has 3x the polyphenol concentrations of green tea.  Polyphenols counter bad LDL cholesterol.  Gift from God, indeed.


Eat divinely.

dotg can ylw.png

The gods don’t drink Gatorade.  They drink this.


In India, shopkeepers hang bundles of lemon and chilis just outside their storefront for good luck... or, more precisely, as a means of deflecting bad luck.  Alakshmi is the Hindu goddess of misfortune.  Her favorite foods are chilis and citrus, especially lemons.  So the

shopkeepers leave her a meal of it just outside their shops, so that she’ll stay there, placated and content to feast on the foods, rather than come inside and look for trouble.  

As with the other Diet of the Gods staples, Alakshmi’s favorite food is not only a great story, it’s also great nutrition.  Lemons and chilis are packed with:

Capsaicin - key bioactive in chilis, linked to pain relief and weight loss support
Hesperidin - bioflavonoid for blood vessel function
Potassium - electrolyte and essential mineral that regulates fluid balance and muscle contractions.  It also might help control blood pressure.
Vitamin C - antioxidant important for heart health and immunity, linked to mental function and memory
Vitamins B6 - drives amino acid metabolism and neurotransmitter generation.




50+ other divinely inspired SKUs, including...


Thor's Lunch Box™ - including the Asgardian apples

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Ice Cream.png

What if you could get your protein from an insanely delicious ice cream? 

Sounds like something the gods would do.  Clever gods.

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The Trend: Ancient Wisdom

And the best "ancient wisdom" is the wisdom of the gods.

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The Book

I'm writing the DIET OF THE GODS book, and testing the foods.  It's SUPER SIZE ME, but with divine dishes, instead of Big Macs. 


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