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We are Harvard

The class of '94 is in the fight, and giving back, during COVID-19

Ngozi Ezike, M.D.

Ngozi has been at the forefront of the fight in Illinois, managing the state's measured response to the pandemic, allaying public fear, and tempering media frenzy


David Liu, Ph.D.

Endowed chair professor at Harvard and pioneering chemistry entrepreneur, David's been dubbed a "scientific superhero" by Wired.  His life's work involves the application of the power of Darwinian biological evolution to chemistry, and it's allowing him to synthesize novel "drug-like molecules" that use gene-editing to repair disease-causing mutations.  Now he's part of what the WSJ calls "The Secret Group of Scientists and Billionaires Pushing a Manhattan Project for Covid-19."


Trey Grayson

Known for being the youngest Secretary of State in the country (when he was Kentucky's) and Director of the IOP, Trey has a handful of new initiatives, including one which prioritizes healthy ballot-casting in the COVID-19 era.