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Show Concept

It's Judge Judy on steroids.

Real people deadlocked in a serious dispute undergo an FBI-caliber interrogation in order to get to the truth and resolve the dispute. 


A wife thinks her husband is lying.  One business partner thinks the other is embezzling.  The opportunities for “cases” are endless. 


There will be three main Interrogators—real former FBI interrogators—who are also the show’s stars/hosts.


The show’s emotionally-intense interrogation experience provides the Disputants with a clear verdict of who is right and who is wrong.  It gives the disputants something incredibly valuable: clarity, so they can move on with their lives.


For the audience, it provides the voyeuristic pleasure of seeing and experiencing a genuine interrogation through the eyes of an interrogator. 


Our differentiator: we will get closer to the heart and soul of an interrogation.  We will get shots that have not been gotten before, and see an interrogation from angles (visual and emotional) that we haven’t seen it from before.


The Cases being resolved


There are many possibilities when it comes to the kinds of disputes (“cases”) featured on the show.  A key category will be professional, political, or personal relationships jeopardized by a suspected lie.  For example, someone thinks his or her mother, father, daughter, landlord, fraternity brother, lover, friend, roommate, business partner, political colleague, husband, or wife is lying, cheating, stealing, etc.  And it’s threatening their marriage, their business relationship, their family life, their mental health.  Because they’re tied to this person in some way (either financially, emotionally, or legally), they can’t just walk away from the dispute.  They need resolution. 


Another kind of case will be people whose reputations and careers have been jeopardized because of allegations and slander. 


The cases will center around two people locked in a dispute. Something serious is at stake: their relationship, their partnership, their job, their reputation, their property.  They crave closure on the issue; they want the truth.  And the Interrogation Room will get it for them.  There is always a verdict.  Either the Interrogators will get one of the Disputants to confess, or the Interrogators will simply make a final binding decision on who is lying, and who is telling the truth. 

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