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My Drill Sergeant

In this new format, families and businesses with real problems get the most extreme solution there is — their own personal Drill Sergeant.  Forget consultants.  Forget gurus.  Forget shrinks.  It’s time to get serious. 


Struggling with problem employees, problem children, etc., families and businesses make an extreme last ditch effort to salvage things by inviting our Drill Sergeant into their lives for a week.  He literally shows up at 5am with his hat on and screams let's get it on!  He lives with them for 7 days and whips their families/businesses into shape.


He kicks ass.  He takes names.  And he lives in your guest bedroom.

This little video shows core concepts that will be at work in the show... e.g. seeing a Drill Sergeant deploy his skills in surprising environments.

It's compelling because: 

  • the Drill Sergeant moves in and radically transforms people and organizations.  Physically.  Intellectually.  And emotionally.  The drill sergeant breaks them down, so he can build them back up again.

  • the Drill Sergeant is one of the most effective life coaches and change agents in the world.  And our guy is one of the best Drill Sergeants there is.  He is SGM Blaine Huston (ret.), who is a legend in the Drill Sergeant community.  For years, he ran the fabled Drill Sergeant School in Fort Jackson—the place that makes Army Drill Sergeants.  So he was the Drill Sergeant to the Drill Sergeants.

The hook is being able to see a top-tier Drill Sergeant apply his skillset and intensity to the civilian world, which will benefit immensely from this dosage of the Army way into their life.  Drill Sergeants have always struggled to turn off their Drill Sergeant impulse, at home or at the grocery store.  If they see laziness or inefficiency at McDonald’s, they want to fix it.  And this show finally lets them do it.


It’s time for some tough love.  Only tougher.


Drill Sergeant School


The sizzle below is for a docu-series called Drill Sergeant School; it shows Blaine at work.

We went behind-the-scenes for a glimpse into the Army’s special Drill Sergeant School — the place where the best drill sergeants in the world make brand new drill sergeants, transforming mere mortals into supermen and superwomen in just nine weeks.  The stakes are high for the instructors at the school.  If they fail to create new drill sergeants properly, then the future Army will be flawed, and the country will be less safe.  It’s that simple.  The stakes are also high for the candidates.  Not all of them will make it.  And being dropped from this course can mean the end of their Army career.

                 - Christian & Aleco

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