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After orchestrating a mafia takedown described by the New York City FBI Director as "perhaps the most significant and successful undercover operation in law enforcement history," Big Frankie Manzione was tasked with a new mission: infiltrating the Las Vegas underworld to expose boxing corruption at the highest levels.  Frankie would prove so good at this task—burrowing into pugilism’s inner sanctum as a pretend gangster—that Boxing Digest eventually ranked him the 24th most influential man in the sport.

When Frankie was ringside (below), everyone around him thought he was a connected guy who was also a fast-rising boxing manager. 


What they didn't know was that he was actually undercover for the FBI.

operation matchbook by dandrea and frankie.png

When Frankie asked me to tell his story,

I leapt at the chance.

Frankie and Dandre Operation Matchbook Undercover FBI Las Vegas Boxing.png

"People ask me where my friend Frankie lives.  And I'm happy to oblige them.  I explain that he lives somewhere southwest of Maine."  - Christian


operation matchbook hardcover.png
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