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Using the power of story to create mission-driven content

and game-changing ventures

The Story Foundry

Stories are my life.  I've written books, directed films, and created story-driven brands and campaigns that inspire, unite, shed light, rally people to causes, boost morale, and save lives.  Because stories drive change.     


                                - Christian D'Andrea


A new way to disrupt suicide

I noticed that our book was making some readers decide not to commit suicide

So I created an initiative that builds on that effect and amplifies it — focusing on survivors of suicide as a lifeline for those currently grappling with it.



The story at the heart of SoldierFuel energy bars:

Creating a business to solve a problem

After discovering that civilian Army bureaucrats were pumping dangerous trans fat into Soldiers via their rations, I pioneered the movement to end trans fat in troop feeding.  My brothers and I became the Army’s R&D partner in performance nutrition, and we created the healthier (and zero trans-fat) Soldier Fuel energy bar.  Soldier Fuel is now featured in the U.S. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide and used by militaries worldwide.  

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