Creating compelling mission-driven content and strategic communications

      Using the power of story to create and enhance brands

The Story Foundry

Stories are my life.  I've written books and directed films that inspire and shine light on important subjects.  I've also used the power of story to create brands and campaigns that have generated millions in revenue, rallied people to causes, boosted morale, and saved lives.  Because stories drive change.     


                                - Christian D'Andrea


A new way to disrupt human trafficking:

The story-driven strategic campaign behind a new non-profit

This client fights human trafficking by using financial data to

detect, flag, and disrupt traffickers. 


The story at the heart of SoldierFuel energy bars:

Creating a business to solve a problem

After discovering that civilian Army bureaucrats were pumping dangerous trans fat into Soldiers via their rations, I pioneered the movement to end trans fat in troop feeding.  My brothers and I became the Army’s R&D partner in performance nutrition, and we created the healthier (and zero trans-fat) Soldier Fuel energy bar.  Soldier Fuel is now featured in the U.S. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide and used by militaries worldwide.