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                        Use your phone to make a video highlighting your

                   soccer skills.  Use different size balls and the different

          features of your neighborhood to juggle and dribble in skillful and creative ways.  Show off a little!  Send me your video at, and if it passes muster I’ll put it up on this site for everyone to enjoy.  Here's an example...

JohnPaul vs. The Playground
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The Standard is #Excellence


Estudiantes Silver

Herndon Boys

April 7, 2020 - Germany vs. Brazil analysis of 2nd goal


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March 24, 2020: TO DO in the next week:  Set up a training session like the one shown in this video.  Use tape on a tennis court or concrete or use chalk on a surface that is not used by cars.  Follow the Herndon player’s example as seen in this video.  Walk through it slowly at first until you get the pattern and then do 3 sets of 3 reps each set—that means run through it 3 times in a row, take a water break, then do that 2 more times.  Do 3 sets of 3 reps for 3 days and time the last day’s sets, then send me your best time.

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